Tips for Refilling Your Vape Cartridge

are using vape pens because they’re faster to set up, easier to take with you, fashionable, and refillable. If you’re new to doing a vape pen cartridge refill, these tips and tricks will help you learn the ropes.

Find the Right Spot

To ensure you don’t ruin your cannabis or break your pen, you’ll need a clean, dry and stable place to fill it. Use a clean counter where you won’t be jostled. It may help to refill over a paper towel to prevent any messes until you get the hang of it, especially if your wax is a runnier variety.

Prepare Your Cannabis

Once you have everything laid out, it’s time to get your wax ready to load. Grab your dab tool and use it to gather a dab that is about the size of a BB bullet. Remember to work over a paper towel if yours is an oilier variety. Depending on the size of your pen and how solid your concentrate is, you may be able to load it into the pen with your finger if you don’t have a dab tool.

Apply the Concentrate

During this step, it’s important to remember that the pen’s coils are delicate. Avoid being too rough or touching the end of your dab tool onto the coils. Although you need to be careful, don’t be worried if you need to shake the tool a bit since the wax can be quite sticky.

Prime the Wick

Now that you’ve loaded the dab, it’s time to prepare it for use. This involves turning the pen on and waiting until the wax melts down into the coil a bit more before taking a draw. While this isn’t always necessary, you may feel as if the first few draws are using up the oil too quickly if you don’t.

As you can see, refilling a vape cartridge is an easy process and will likely only take about a minute once you get the hang of it. Check out this link to find the right oil vape pens to meet your needs.