Fashion Tips for a First Date

First dates can be tricky and nervous affairs, not being sure what to talk about or what not to talk about, what to do on the date, who pays and how to act are all challenges set before you. Equally as important as all of these things is how to dress for your date, clothes can say a great deal about the type of person that you are and it is your clothes that will provide the first impression to your date. Here are some fashion tips to help you out before your first date that hopefully will help you get that second date.

Dress for the Occasion


This may seem like a no brainer but it is important that you dress appropriately for where you are going on your date. If you are go to the movies or bowling then wearing your little black dress or a 3 piece suit is not what you should be doing. Equally you need to remember that smart-casual means exactly that, wearing sports¬†bottoms and a scruffy t-shirt won’t cut the mustard, smart and casual can be a tricky mix but just remember not to go too heavy on either the smart or the casual.

Show a Little

Unless you are living in sub-zero temperatures, it is important to flash a little skin, remember that the idea of the date is that you become both physically and characteristically attracted to one another. Girls, a little hint of a cleavage is ok but if that neckline plunges too far then you risk the guy thinking that you are his for the taking, boys try to wear an open shirt or a wide necked t-shirt to show off a bit of flesh. Less is more with this tactic but showing a bit of skin stirs up the animal inside us and will help with physical attraction.

Keep it Clean


The clothes you wear are a reflection of you and there is nothing worse than heading out on a date with an unclean or creased shirt. The dress that has a little stain on that may not be ‘noticeable’ shouldn’t be worn, because if it’s noticed then it isn’t a good look. More importantly this goes for shoes, shoes and trainers get far dirtier than clothes and it is vital that you ensure they are well scrubbed before you head out.

Don’t go Crazy

A first date is no time to be taking risks, whether it be with colours that you don’t normally wear, crazy designs or outlandish accessories. Stick to what you know. ¬†If the first date goes well then by all means mix it up in the future but the first date is where you should be wearing the tried and tested style of clothes that makes you look your best. The danger of dressing ‘differently’ to normal is that whilst you may think you look great, not everyone may agree and also colours or designs too crazy can distract your date from paying attention, which is the last thing that you want.