How To Choose The Right Lights When Performing

Photo by CC user Simon Yu on Flickr.

Whether someone in performing in a play or playing guitar in a concert, it is vital that the right lighting is directed at the stage all of the time. This will allow the audience to see exactly what is going on and will enhance their enjoyment of the entire event. These lights are also vital for the performers, who need to be able to see where they are going in the interest of safety.

There are several things that need to be done in order for the right lighting to complement an on-stage performance properly. Read this helpful guide in to learn something useful.

Ensure That The Spotlight Can Move Freely

The actors and musicians need to be followed by a spotlight in Sydney, especially during solo spots during the performance. This will allow them to stand out against the background and will signal to the audience that this is a particularly important part of the performance.

Compare several different spotlights from different companies. Different types of the spotlight can be tested out.

The spotlight should be tested to ensure that it can cover every corner of the stage. Usually, these spotlights need to be moved manually, so the technician should raise any concerns if they think that the spotlight is not in good working condition. Get your spotlights from Carlton Lights in order to ensure maximum quality and peak performance.

Make Sure That The Lights Are Not Too Bright

It is one thing to illuminate someone on stage, but sometimes the lights can simply be too bright for comfort. Make sure that the spotlight bulb is the appropriate wattage before using it. People may become distracted or they may be temporarily blinded during the performance. This will affect the overall quality of the show and could cause people to stumble and hurt themselves. Test out different spotlights before making the final decision. People in charge of the lighting setup should always listen to the concerns of those on stage if they think that the lighting is simply too powerful.

Make Sure That The Overhead Lights Are Working Properly

The overhead lights are the main lights that are used to illuminate the performers whilst they are on stage.

Make Sure That The Footlights Are Working Properly

Footlights illuminate performers from the stage level and are necessary so that they can be seen by the audience. Prior to the performance, every individual footlight needs to be tested in order to make sure that there are no defective ones. This could cause the performers to become obscured unintentionally. Common problems with footlights include flickering beams and faulty wiring.

Make Sure That The Brightness Of The Lights Can Be Increased

It may be necessary to increase the brightness of the lights mid-way through the performance. This can be done remotely by someone at the control panel. The stage crew need to be aware if the lights are too dim and that they need to be turned up.

Use this guide to choose the correct performance lighting.